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Fall Out Boy General Fiction Community

because genfic is the new blue

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All Members , Moderated

Haven't you noticed there's something lacking in the fandom? No, think about it. You have slash, there's het sometimes, but, still, there is very little to no gen.

This community was created so that any efforts pertaining to general fiction about the members of the band Fall Out Boy could be posted here. Genfic is our aim.

Although we are focusing on general fiction, romantic relationships are allowed, but must not be the centre of the story.

When posting, the header of the story should contain at least the following:


Also, please specify somewhere if this is a standalone or a chaptered story. The story should be in its entirety under a cut, except for the header, of course. Please, don't forget to put the title in the subject line.

Comments, concerns, and suggestions can be directed to me, quimtessence. E-mail: luciana.mihaela [at] gmail [dot] com; Yahoo! ID: luciana_mihaela.

Thank you for your patience. Have fun!