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August 2006
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Title: Hope
Rating: PG-13 For Drug and Alcohol Use
Character: Andy Hurley
Disclaimer: I do not own Fall Out Boy or Andrew John Hurley.
Summary: Andy is straight edge, this is the story of how he got to be that way. This is for my 7_vitures prompt table. This is Prompt 3: Abstinence. Thanks to my beta smugglers_prize

(Andy was straight edge.)

x-posted in 7_virtues, midnight_party, and fob_genfic

Title: Cut My Hair
Rating: G
Character(s): Andy Hurley
Summary: Andy cuts his hair for charity.
Note: This a double drabble I did way back. 200 words and for my 7_virtues table. The prompt was "Liberality"

(He really didn’t know why he was here, sitting in a chair with a plastic thing draped over his body.)

mr. attorney general, i object! [userpic]

Title: Dust on His Pillow
Author: Luciana [quimtessence]
Rating: G
Character: Joe, various family members mentioned
Summary: It was a journal, but Joe had always thought it resembled a book more than anything.
Disclaimer: F to the A-K-E.
Author's Notes: A bit of a character study, really. American spelling. Thanks to xcarex for looking it over and for her suggentions.
Words: 563

( Dust on His Pillow )

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mr. attorney general, i object! [userpic]

Welcome to fob_genfic, a community created for the purpose of posting the much-neglected genfic of the Fall Out Boy fandom.

Comments, concerns, or suggestions are welcomed.

XO, quimtessence.

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